Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Are The Beatles still "cool"?

"Cool" is a vague word. What Neil McCormick of the Telegraph basically explores in this piece is how The Beatles' art has overcome the passage of time to remain compelling and vital.

The Beatles universal appeal was not just about being the right band in the right time and the right place, it was a direct response to the most extraordinary musical journey in pop history. In just seven years, the Beatles went from a rock and roll dance band to psychedelic visionaries to mature singer-songwriters, from musical adolescents to adult artists. And it is a journey listeners can still take with them. Indeed, it is the very thing that makes The Beatles adaptable to the world of computers: this is not just a musical game, it is a mystical quest.

Kids might start in the playground with ’Yellow Submarine’ but they can suffer adolescent existential crises singing ’Help!’, fall in love to ’Here, There And Everywhere’, rage against society on ’Revolution’ and contemplate the utter strangeness of the universe to the tune of ’I Am The Walrus’. There is a whole education in The Beatles.

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Jill said...

What a great article, the author hit it right on the head I think. The Beatles appeal is so universal that they will always remain 'cool'.