Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Two "Rock Band" reviews

One is from the New York Times, and the other is courtesy of Salon. Both offer more than favorable takes; but in contrast to Alex Koppelman's measured praise in the Salon piece, Seth Schiesel of the Times positively wets himself with swooning admiration for the game.

He glowingly writes:
The Beatles: Rock Band is nothing less than a cultural watershed, one that may prove only slightly less influential than the band’s famous appearance on “The Ed Sullivan Show” in 1964. By reinterpreting an essential symbol of one generation in the medium and technology of another, The Beatles: Rock Band provides a transformative entertainment experience.

In that sense it may be the most important video game yet made.

And he passionately concludes:
But music is eternal. Each new tool for creating it, and each new technology for experiencing it, only brings the joy of more music to more people. This new game is a fabulous entertainment that will not only introduce the Beatles’ music to a new audience but also will simultaneously bring millions of their less-hidebound parents into gaming. For that its makers are entitled to a deep simultaneous bow, Beatles style.

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