Thursday, September 10, 2009

"Help! I'm a Beatles hater"

In this article for BBC News, Stephen Robb counters the prevailing mood of frenzied Fab Four adulation and ventures into the lonely world of anti-Beatles dissent.

The Beatles seem to occupy a uniquely unassailable position in popular culture - everybody loves them. Don't they?

Not Robert Elms. The author and broadcaster is one of a tiny minority who seem willing to stick their heads above the parapet and rubbish this most sacred of British institutions.

"They did a few things that lots of people liked," says Elms. "Everybody can like them, from grandma singing along to When I'm Sixty-Four to the little girl singing Yellow Submarine."

But he adds: "I just think they are either childlike and simple or rather leaden and pompous - one or the other all the time."

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rockandrollguru said...

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion no matter how insanely wrong it is :-)