Friday, September 4, 2009

EW's cover

Here's the cover for the current issue of Entertainment Weekly. It's a striking shot: haunting and playful, touching and packed with meaning. There are the two creative giants behind The Beatles, two artists whose divergent styles and tastes could sync up to produce pop magic or go to war and spell disarray. Their bodies are in contact; yet on a separate level, the two seem distant from one another. The pose they adopted conveys some sort of affection, yet the discontent on their faces doesn't appear contrived. It really is a loaded image. But it's also clearly incomplete. How can EW devote the bulk of an issue to The Beatles but only put two of them on the cover? It doesn't add up and isn't very tactful.

Also, what song did EW judge to be The Beatles' finest? "A Hard Day's Night." Great tune; weak selection. Lastly, here are 15 rare photos of The Beatles, also courtesy of EW.

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