Friday, December 11, 2009

Friday Beatles YouTube

If you're like me and aren't at all enjoying the onset of winter's fury, then you might be in need of some warm-weather escapism. The song I chose for today's featured YouTube vid(s) would seem to fit the bill. It has one of the most breezy and tropical vibes of any song I've ever heard, though it's not actually about lounging on the beach or drinking coconut milk. What's more, it's a rather lovely and touching little ditty, co-written by a pair of music mavericks: one John Lennon and his sometime collaborator Harry Nilsson. Included on the latter's 1974 album Pussy Cats, which was produced by John during his "Lost Weekend," the song is "Mucho Mungo/Mt. Elga," and it positively melts me.

Here's the version with Nilsson on vocals:

(If the video is removed, go here.)

And here's John at the helm:

(If the video is removed, go here.)

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