Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Review of Paul's Dublin gig

I wonder what it would be like to read a truly unfavorable and even scathing review of a Paul McCartney concert. Though his music isn't beyond criticism, it seems that when Paul perches himself onstage and lets loose any number of Beatles, Wings, or solo classics, he can only generate broad enthusiasm. I guess it's not surprising, but it's even rare to hear of an off-night. Paul played a show in Dublin this past Sunday, and Tony Clayton-Lea of the Irish Times didn't seem to notice any signs of the Beatle great losing his edge.

In Magical Mystery Tour , the opening song to this very fine show, Paul McCartney sings the words “satisfaction guaranteed”. If there was one member of the audience who went home in a grumpy mood, then truly they were the Christmas Grinch.

In short, Macca arrived in Dublin, gave a self-deprecating thumbs up and conquered one and all with what was, in effect, a showcase of the brilliance of The Beatles as much as a testament to the humble showmanship of that band’s former bass player.

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