Thursday, December 17, 2009

John's lost interview

The details surrounding this long-dormant interview from 1968 are pretty incredible.

Maev Kennedy of the Guardian writes:

Today's music fans will be stunned by the circumstances of the interview: Lennon spoke for six hours at his home in Surrey, sustained only by macrobiotic bread and jam made by Yoko Ono, to an overawed first-year student from Keele University who had hitchhiked hundreds of miles to meet him after applying by a letter sent to a fan magazine.

A snippet was duly published in the Keele student magazine, but most of the material stayed in the files of Maurice Hindle, now an author completing a book on Lennon and an academic at the Open University – until today, when he finally publishes the full version in the New Statesman.

Here's the rest of that article. And here's the actual interview, as published in the New Statesman.

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