Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Wednesday Beatles potpourri (pt.2)

- Rolling Stone previewed the season two debut of Spectacle: Elvis Costello With..., which will feature Bono and the Edge as guests. In the clip, Bono chats about a visit that Paul once paid U2 while they were in the studio. The U2 frontman also does a serviceable impression of Macca, the best part being when he says, "which was great."

- In more Paul news, on the cover of Q Magazine's Artists-of-the-Century issue, the dashing Liverpudlian is standing front and center.

- How some Beatle faithful would howl if a certain vampiric heart-throb were to play John in a movie.

- The Beatles were recently nominated for a Grammy.

- Macca versus a MEP. In related news, you can download Paul's "Meat Free Monday" song here.

- Lastly, have a look at this misleading headline.

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