Saturday, December 19, 2009

"(I Want To) Come Home" video

Here's the official video for Paul's Golden Globe-nominated song, "(I Want To) Come Home." After listening to it more, I think I've changed my take on it. I've really come to appreciate that Paul didn't rely on any big, emotionally swelling parts to drive home the song's heartfelt sentiments. While the music does perk up at times, the strings stay commendably light, and the guitar solo is a model of restraint. In terms of the lyric, Paul is able to do a lot with the small moments at his disposal, like the way he isolates and emphasizes the word "home" to create a sure sense of longing. As noted by some folks on Steve Marinucci's Beatles Examiner page, if you're unconvinced of the song's merits but willing to have a few more listens, "(I Want To) Come Home" might just grow on you. It certainly did in my case.

(Hat-tip to Steve Marinucci for posting the video.)

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