Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Tuesday Beatles potpourri

- Before his concert in Cologne, Germany, Paul spoke with The Sun's Gordon Smart on a range of topics, and had this to say about his life's profession:

"The truth is I thought I would get bored of this years ago. But every day at soundcheck I get to take this electric guitar, I get to plug it in, wind it up and play loud with a band.

"That's what I always wanted to do and I still have a sense of wonder with that. Just the noise when I turn it on. It's like what we loved when I was 20 - and I still love it. It's a privilege really."

During the same interview, the subject of Paul's Meat Free Monday campaign was brought up. Let me just make this brief editorial comment: It's unfortunate that Paul chose to invoke the Holocaust when making his point about global warming. When the memory of that event becomes part of your rhetoric, it's often the sign of a grasping and alarmist stance on something. To be sure, I wouldn't have Paul stop promoting awareness of global warming. But in the future, I hope he conveys his views with less explosive imagery.

- John's Hollywood Star "mysteriously disappears" and then not-so-mysteriously reappears.

- One of Paul's childhood idols, Little Richard, is planning to tour again following recent hip surgery. At 77, he's a youthful geriatric.

- Publicly supported by Paul, Rage Against the Machine's 1992 single "Killing in the Name" outsold X Factor winner Joe McElderry's debut release "The Climb" to become the No. 1 Christmas single on the UK charts. I look at this story and see a triumph, however modest, of grassroots determination and irony. It's rather satisfying.

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