Thursday, March 11, 2010

Assorted Paul news

- Paul ranked 31st on Billboard's list of the music industry's Top 40 "Money Makers" of 2009. His earnings - a modest $12,203,170 - do not include his Beatles-related income.

- Erykah Badu tweeted her way to getting a Macca sample cleared (there's actually more to the story than just that).

- Anton Newcombe, the often volatile lead singer of The Brian Jonestown Massacre, let loose some unkind words for Paul and The Beatles. The name of his band's most recent album is Who Killed Sgt. Pepper?.

Update: In the comments below, Anton writes that Clash misrepresented what he said about Paul. Here's the original interview.

Family matters:

- Here's a review of James McCartney's recent concert in Liverpool, and here's a report of the surprise appearance that Paul made at his son's show in Brighton, England.

- Paul also traveled to Paris to support his daughter Stella as she showcased her latest collection of fashion designs for Paris Fashion Week.

- Finally, "Mary McCartney on her family recipes." Mary is so lovely.


anton said...

i don't mind that you post links about what i said but the fact is clash didn't get it correct in the first place.


Barry Lenser said...

After reading your interview with Impose, I see how some confusion might arise about your comment. You dropped the c-word, then the interviewer asked what you were talking about, and then you said, "Oh, Paul McCartney." Many journalists are going to run with that, but I see where you're coming from. I'll post an addendum.