Saturday, March 13, 2010

"Best Songs About Sleep"

That's the theme of Rollingstone's current Weekend Rock List, marking the dreaded occasion of Daylight Saving Time. Here's what the RS staff came up with:

• The Beatles – “I’m So Tired”
• The Wu-Tang Clan – “I Can’t Go to Sleep”
• The Romantics – “Talking in Your Sleep”
• John Lennon – “How Do You Sleep”
• The Postal Service – “The District Sleeps Alone Tonight”

Not bad: one Beatles song and one solo outing from John. I wouldn't be surprised if there was a debate about whether to choose "I'm So Tired" or "I'm Only Sleeping" as The Beatles' entry on this list. Both belong to John, and both are classics. I likely would've opted for "I'm Only Sleeping" because it holds the distinction of truly sounding like it's drowsy and ready to hit the hay. The sonics on that song sort of limp around in a lethargic state. It's a remarkably apt marriage of sound and lyric. But I could hardly fault someone for choosing "I'm So Tired." It's one of my favorite Beatles songs. The frustration that John gives voice to on it is both comic and touching, and his vocal so zesty and convincing.

Other Beatles songs that would have fit the criteria for this list? I thought of "Good Night" and "Golden Slumbers." Any others?

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