Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Smokey, one more time

Below are a number of Smokey Robinson songs that I've referred to by name or less directly within the last week. Do give them a listen; it's no secret that Smokey Robinson and The Miracles are basically synonymous with easy aural pleasure.

(Just click on the song title links).

1) "What's So Good About Goodbye" - The Beatles borrowed a guitar part from it for "Ask Me Why."
2) "(You Can) Depend on Me" - Wikipedia: "... Ian MacDonald compared it ("All I've Got to Do") to 'You Can Depend on Me' by the Miracles, both musically and lyrically."
3) "I've Been Good to You" - John seems to have had the opening lines of this song floating through his head when he composed the lyric for "Sexy Sadie." For more, go here.

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