Monday, March 15, 2010

"Yellow Submarine" in trouble?

Walt Disney Studios has shut down ImageMovers Digital, the production company run by Robert Zemeckis that is behind the motion-capture remake of Yellow Submarine. At the moment, it's uncertain what ramifications this will have for the project.

The big screen adaptation of The Beatles’ popular YELLOW SUBMARINE has found itself in choppy waters following what is being described as “cost cutting measures” by Walt Disney Studios. The studio, which recently spent $4 billion in an ongoing merger with Marvel Comics, is pulling the plug on ImageMovers Digital – the production company behind the long awaited project.
. . .
While Disney have said that they’re hoping to draft a deal with Zemeckis and his IMD partners, Jack Rapke and Steve Starkey in order to bring Submarine to the big screen, no such deal has yet materialised. Should Disney go ahead with production, it is likely we will be seeing a 3D version of the film rather than the mo-cap technology originally intended for use.

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