Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Clash Magazine interviews Paul...

... about the arduous making of Band on the Run. Between the fear of once again not delivering a critical success, and two members of Wings quitting on the eve of recording, and the theft of the album's original demos after the band got mugged in Lagos, Paul was up against a lot and overcame it all. Band on the Run still easily stands as his finest post-Beatles work. Perhaps those hardships were the key.

Excerpt from the interview:
Because a couple of the guys [McCullough and Seiwell] left the band the night before we went to Lagos to make the record. That was like a bombshell. You can imagine me getting off that phone call: it was like, ‘Ah. Okay. Try and hold your nerve; try and keep it together. What do we do now? Sod it, we’re going’. And at that moment it was one of those, ‘I’ll show you. I will make the best album I’ve ever made now. I will put so much effort into it because I wanna just prove that we didn’t need you guys’.

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