Thursday, October 28, 2010

More on the Stones (that is, Keith Richards)

While we're on the subject of The Beatles' greatest rivals:

- In an interview with News of the World, Keith Richards touched on a three-day, drug-heavy road trip that he and John once took across the UK. Money quote: “We must have been on something exceptional."

- Here are some excerpts from Richards' new autobiography, Life.

A few of them:
On John Lennon:

For all his vaunted bravado – he couldn't keep up. … I don't think he ever left my house except horizontally. Or definitely propped up.

On the Beatles-Stones rivalry:

It was a very friendly relationship. It was also very cannily worked out, because in those days singles were coming out every six, eight weeks. And we'd try and time it so that we didn't clash. I remember John Lennon calling me up and saying, “Well, we've not finished mixing yet.” “We've got one ready to go.” “OK, you go first.”

- About an impromptu collaboration between Richards and Paul when they ran into each other on vacation.

- Finally, listen to Richards' wide-ranging interview on NPR's Fresh Air. I must say, Richards accomplishes the difficult task of scoring a lot of charm points with that classic smoker's laugh of his. Despite appearances, he actually has quite an engaging manner about himself.

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