Saturday, October 23, 2010

John's adopted home

"John & Yoko, & NYC", from the Editorial Notebook of today's New York Times.

John Lennon could have lived anywhere. He chose New York, and clung to his adopted city with a ferocious love. Yoko Ono, too: “There’s such an incredible romanticism about being refugees,” she said. “We just felt like we returned to our motherland, which is New York, you know.”

. . .

Why were they refugees? Partly to flee a British press that had taken a fierce dislike to Yoko. Partly the longing to melt into the vastness of crowds. “One of me biggest kicks is going out to eat or going to the movies,” John said of his new home. “I’m just known enough to keep me ego floating, but unknown enough to get around, which is nice.”

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