Monday, October 25, 2010

The last pictures of John

The last pictures taken of John before his death have been made public. They come from an interview he did with British DJ Andy Peebles at New York's Hit Factory studio. John is alleged to have told Peebles that he didn't fear for himself walking the streets of NYC. This was just two days before Mark David Chapman gunned him down.

The pictures were taken by BBC producer Paul Williams at New York’s Hit Factory recording studio on December 6, 1980.

The interview had been due to begin at midday but Lennon and Yoko had stayed up late the previous
night recording the song Walking On Thin Ice, so they moved it to 6pm.

Lennon’s hair is in the then-fashionable ‘mullet’ style and he wears his customary distinctive spectacles with blue-tinted lenses.

Peebles, now 61 and working for the commercial station Smooth Radio, told the Daily Mail: ‘The interview was only due to last an hour. But John was enjoying reminiscing so much it ended up lasting three hours and 20 minutes.

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