Thursday, October 21, 2010

Watch Yoko on CNN

Yoko was recently interviewed by the dashing, always soigné Anderson Cooper. In part one of that piece, she touches on how she met John, and why she was blamed for unmaking The Beatles.

“I was used as a scapegoat, a very easy scapegoat. You know, a Japanese woman and whatever,” Yoko Ono tells CNN’s Anderson Cooper in an interview set to air Tuesday on CNN’s AC360°.

“You think some of it was sexism, racism?” Cooper queried.

“Sexism, racism,” Ono replied. “But also just remember that the United States and Britain were fighting with Japan in World War II. It was just after that in a way so I can understand how they felt.”

British media outlets were especially nasty toward Yoko. It's one of the reasons why she and John felt compelled to move stateside. In New York, they found a more hospitable environment. Obviously, it wasn't hospitable enough.

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