Friday, October 22, 2010

Paul and Ringo reunite

The occasion was the launch of Mary McCartney's new book of photography, From Where I Stand. Of course, both Paul and Ringo wore smiles throughout, but I wonder how they truly regard each other. Even decades removed from their time together in The Beatles, all of that turbulent history must still play a role. I can't imagine the feelings between them are anything but complex and difficult to put into words.

The mini reunion comes days after McCartney, 68, discussed the rift that tore the Beatles apart in the press.

He said: 'Personally it was a nightmare. It was really difficult, because I knew I didn’t hate them, but I knew we had to save The Beatles, and I was the only one who was going to do it - because the three of them were just sending it down the chute.'

All is clearly forgiven now though, as the two looked closer than ever at the book launch, which was also attended by a pregnant Stella McCartney, Starr's wife Barbara Bach and his daughter Lee Starkey.

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