Friday, October 8, 2010

The man of the hour

For someone no longer among the living, John is certainly commanding a huge amount of attention at present. The roster of Lennon-related happenings that are gracing this moment nearly 30 years removed from his death and close to what would've been his 70th birthday goes on and on and on. In conjunction, there has also been tribute after tribute after (embarrassingly hagiographic) tribute. Entities as disparate as Q, Ozzy Osbourne, and Google have taken part in keeping John's name in the news. Even the FBI has contributed (and in a way that's consistent with the past). And the lists! There are always lists. Among them: little-known facts; famous lyrics and quotes; classic guitar moments; and best/worst cinematic portrayals.

And there's much more (not all of it connected to the 70th birthday commemoration): straightforward profiles; various reviews of the recent Plastic Ono Band shows; critical reaction to Nowhere Boy; interviews about the documentary LENNONNYC; auctions; photo shoots; updates on Julian's career; and unfounded rumors.

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